Exercising The Brain Is The Latest In Overall Health

Many programs focus on healthy eating and exercise, which is important. However, the focus is shifting to brain health and how a healthy brain can enhance one’s overall life. According to scientists, we only use about ten percent of our brain power. A new program launched by Aetna Health called “Me Brain Solutions” provides assessments online to those they insure. The assessments provided interactive games and a way for users to improve their feeling, emotions, thinking and self-regulation.

The reason for this behavioral health study is that just like any other organ in the body, the brain was something that had the ability to affect the overall well-being of a person. Exercising the brain by using various games and tasks helps to improve one’s health. Like any other part of the physique that develops when worked, the same can be said for the brain.

A model was used with employers who wanted to sharpen their worker’s skills. Developed by Brain Resources Inc. this web-based program develops a profile for each person’s brain based on a few questions used to establish a baseline. Then from the profile it recommends specific training games and exercises that can help to optimize the brain’s overall health. These programs were also shown to reduce stress and increase productivity in the workplace.

Some of the exercises zeroed in on the short-term memory, emotional recognition and were designed to improve general function. One place that specializes in brain exercises is the Center for Neuroscience in Maryland. They studied children with ADHD and found that they were able to pick up on visual cues faster than other groups. They could quickly see anger, happiness and react appropriately to other emotions. Using a starting point, they work to find the clients strengths and weaknesses, and then find the proper brain exercises to target their needs. The skills developed can be anything from problem-solving skills to memory issues, as well as emotional needs. The studies showed an overall improvement of seventy-seven percent in cognitive function.

At this point and time, brain exercising programs are being offered through a medical plan. Being emotionally fit is the goal, and many employers are finding that it helps their employees to focus and understand the mind-body connection. Those who train their brains are also willing to participate in other activities related to their health. An increase of thirty-five percent is shown in overall wellness when brain training is added.